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Life-changing injuries are just that – life-changing. Not only for the injured, but for their families and caretakers. But you don’t have to walk the road alone.

Ward + Associates is a boutique legal firm specializing in personal injury law. We hope that you’ll consider adding us to your recovery care team alongside your doctors, therapists and caregivers. We’ll make it our mission to walk with you in your journey back to normal so you can focus on what matters most.
Let’s put the pieces back together – together.

Car Wreck

Car wreck injuries are unpredictable, leading to unforeseen health and psychological trauma. The right legal representation can prepare you and your family for every possibility.

Medical Malpractice

When you’re hurt by an incorrect diagnosis or negligence from a professional who you trusted to help you, the injustice of it can be overwhelming. We can help restore your peace of mind and recover the financial and emotional turmoil you experienced.
We Help You Recover More

More Compensation.

We use every resource at our disposal to help you recover from the financial and emotional burden you’ve experienced.

More Support.

Our dedicated Client Care Team goes the extra mile for our clients so you feel like you have a partner in your recovery.

More Convenience.

Can’t come to us? No problem. Our in-person and virtual visits bring our lawyers to you.
If we aren’t the best lawyers for your case, we’ll point you in the right direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Ward + Associates Injury Attorneys?
When you come to us, we understand you’re hurting. People don’t search for an injury attorney unless something bad has happened. Sometimes that hurt is physical, sometimes it’s emotional, and sometimes it’s financial. Often, it’s a combination of all three. And when you’re hurting, you may not think as clearly as you normally would. That’s why you need a trusted source guiding you through the maze of doctor appointments, therapists, never-ending forms, wage-replacement applications, and calls and paperwork from insurance companies. This is what our team does every single day.

We truly understand that if you’re looking for a car accident attorney, a wrongful death attorney, or medical malpractice attorneys, it’s one of the worst times of your life. We want to be your trusted source helping you recover more. Recover more hope. More compensation. And more peace of mind.
Why should I hire Ward + Associates rather than the attorney on Main Street?
Attorneys are like doctors. Your local, primary care doctor is like your family attorney. Your primary care doctor treats your sinus infection, and your family attorney prepares deeds and wills. We’re like the doctor that focuses only on treating your heart. We focus only on helping the families of people who’ve been injured or who’ve died. We don’t do divorce cases. We don’t do criminal cases. We focus on clients who have been injured because someone else messed up. Because we limit our practice and focus exclusively on helping injured people, their families, and the families of people who’ve died, we have more time and resources to devote to your case. Also, ask your family attorney if they use algorithms to help them understand the value of your case. Nearly every industry uses data and Artificial Intelligence to better inform decision-making, and unfortunately, most lawyers remain ignorant of ways to use data to maximize a client’s recovery. While no mathematical formula can adequately capture someone else’s pain and suffering, we believe that understanding what the other side thinks, can only improve the outcome for our clients.
What is medical malpractice?
A legally-recognizable medical malpractice claim exists when a doctor strays from the accepted “standard of care” resulting in harm to a patient. A bad medical outcome does not automatically equal medical malpractice.
You don’t have the have all the answers. That’s why we’re here.