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What should I expect with Ward + Associates on my recovery team?
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Our client experience program helps you recover more.

We’ve worked with many clients over many years. So, we understand a serious injury or wrongful death in the family is never only about the money. That’s why you’ll recover more than financial damages with Ward + Associates. You’ll recover peace of mind, renewed hope, and a sense of security.

It’s all made possible through our unique Client Experience Program that anticipates your needs… legal and personal. At Ward + Associates, we do more than build a case for you. We build a support team for you and your family.
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Recover more with attorneys who truly understand.

At Ward + Associates, we pride ourselves on the close bond we foster with clients. We know when you come to us, you’re vulnerable and need help. And we want to make sure you’re comfortable at every step of your case. Share your feelings with a trusted source who cares not only about your case, but your wellbeing.
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Your concierge case manager anticipates your needs.

In addition to an experienced legal team of attorneys, consultants, and investigators, you’ll have access to a dedicated client experience manager whose job it is to make sure your concerns are addressed with grace and compassion. Worried about a bill coming due? Feeling pressure from the bank or insurance company? Simply need some reassurance that everything’s going to be okay? Your client experience manager will be there to listen and respond to the things that keep you up at night.
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You don’t have to come to us. We bring the law firm to you.

We don’t meet you halfway, we meet you all the way. When you’re recovering from an injury or processing grief, the last thing you need to worry about is traveling to a law office to your attorney sitting behind a giant mahogany desk. We meet with you and your family wherever you are. It’s how we demonstrate our commitment to taking care of you. And it’s another way we help you take care of your family.
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