Car Wreck Injuries

Injured in an automobile accident? We can help.
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A car accident can leave you with more than your injuries.

Insurance claims, police reports, medical bills and more. Where do you start? That’s where we come in — we’re here to help you navigate the unthinkable. Let us make sure your medical bills get paid. Let us deal with the bank demanding payment on a car you can’t drive. That’s why we’re here: so you can focus on the most important thing: recovering.

Recover more.

When people need an injury attorney, they’re in crisis. They’re anxious about their options, unsure about the future, and looking for reassurance. We provide a concierge service that goes beyond meeting your legal needs and helps you recover more than financial damages. We help you recover hope, peace of mind, and wellbeing. We do it with compassion and understanding through our unique client experience program.
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Our 6-Step Car Wreck Case Process

Step 1
Free Consultation

Call (833) 462-8770 to speak with an attorney regarding your injuries and circumstances. If we’re the best representation for you, we’ll schedule an introductory meeting.
Step 2

Your personal attorney will meet with you and your family (wherever you are) to discuss your injury, understand your unique needs, and walk you through the process.
Step 3

Our firm will collect all necessary documents (like medical records, bills, and insurance policy information) to assemble a complete understanding of your options.
Step 4

Our team of investigators and legal staff will review all available evidence including camera footage and police reports to support your claim.
Step 5

We’ll negotiate with the defense, advocating for maximum compensation. If a settlement can’t be reached, we’ll be prepared to represent you in a court of law.
Step 6
Follow Up

Just because the work is done doesn’t mean the relationship is over. We follow up with you and your family to make sure you’re doing well and offer assistance where needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do injuries involving trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicle accidents count as automobile accident injuries?
Absolutely. “Automobile accident” is a broad term. Another common term that means the same thing is “motor vehicle accident,” or “MVA.” It’s important to remember that sometimes a person gets injured in an automobile accident when he or she is not actually in an automobile. For example, when an automobile strikes someone who is walking or on a bike, that is an automobile accident. The person who was injured may be entitled to compensation if the accident was caused by the person driving the automobile.

Automobile accidents can get complicated. That’s why, if you have questions, you should contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Ward + Associates. We have handled countless motor vehicle accidents and helped people receive compensation for their injuries. Call us now at our Lexington office at 859-309-8225 or our Eastern Kentucky office at 606-634-9600. The consultation is free. If we can help, we don’t get paid until your loved one gets paid, so there’s nothing to lose.
A car hit me as I was walking. Can a claim be filed for a pedestrian hit by a car?
Absolutely. More and more, injuries caused by vehicles are from Car vs. People collisions. We all know that when something as large and heavy as a car or truck strikes a pedestrian, the injuries to the person are often very severe. We have extensive experience handling pedestrians struck by vehicles including children, people in wheelchairs, and adults. Because these cases often involve such severe injuries, it is extremely important that you contact us immediately at our Lexington office at 859-309-8225 or our eastern Kentucky office at 606-634-9600. And make sure you tell us as soon as we answer the phone that you’re calling about a case involving a injuries to a pedestrian.
How long do I have to file a legal claim after a car accident?
Kentucky law provides a two-year statute of limitations for injuries from motor vehicle collisions with some exceptions. The best thing to do is immediately call one of our injury attorneys as soon as your loved one is injured in a car accident. Even though your family member may have two years to file suit, there are other considerations that need to be addressed as soon as you receive medical treatment, like reserving their PIP benefits in order to keep the hospital from taking all $10,000. You’re not in this alone. We’re here to help. You take care of healing. We’ll take care of the rest.
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