Black Lung? Recover More.

Take care of your family, no matter what.
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Your Sacrifice Never Stops

The sacrifices you made took you away from your family. And while you worked hard to protect them, your dust mask wasn’t protecting you.

But someone else’s negligence shouldn’t take away your ability to provide for your family.

Protect Your Family’s Future

When life knocks you down, you’ve always found your way back up. You know the world doesn’t owe you anything. And you’ve always sacrificed for your family, provided for them at all costs. That doesn’t need to stop because of your health.

If you have a black lung diagnosis or get winded easily, Ward + Associates can help you Recover More – even if you’re already receiving state or federal black lung benefits.

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We help you Recover More

More Compensation.

We use every resource at our disposal to bring you justice and top-dollar money awards.

More Support.

Our dedicated Client Care Team goes the extra mile to make sure you’re never alone on your road to recovery.

More Convenience.

No travel necessary. Our personal and virtual visits bring our lawyers to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify?
Think of it this way: everyone qualifies until they don’t. We’ll assume that you have a case and work with you to find the best solution or point you in the right direction.
What do I need when I call?
You don’t need anything to discuss your case with us. But, it would be helpful to have the following on hand:
1) Employment history
2) List of medical issues (especially regarding respiratory distress)
3) List of medical providers
Do I need a diagnosis?
You do not need a black lung diagnosis when you give us a call, but it’s important to speak to one of our attorneys to determine what you’ll need from a medical perspective to move forward.
Do I have to be out of work before I can file a claim?
Nope. You can still be actively working and file a dust mask claim.
You don’t need to have all the answers. That’s why we’re here. Let’s discuss your case.